The Academy Award-Nominated documentary comes to KUED
Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM

An unlikely group of heroes that formed in the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War are examined.


Free Film Screening

Followed by Q&A moderated by Judy Fahys.

The latest UtahNOW​ production foreshadows the struggle ahead over securing this essential resource in the nation's second-driest state.


Hear personal stories of the men and women of Utah who served in the Vietnam conflict
Tomorrow night at 11:00 PM

It has been called the most divisive moment in American history since the Civil War
Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM

The story of the 1970 Kent State shootings and the political fallout of the event are chronicled.

Follow the manhunt, step-by-step
Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM

A look at how modern technology and old-fashioned detective work helped catch the Boston bombers.

Meet these hauntigly beautiful primates
Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM

A family of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys living in the highest forests in the world are examined.

Join us in England and Scotland!
Witness the remarkable first steps of a newborn elephant calf.
Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM
The unique reproduction challenges of elephants, the largest animal on land, are explored in Africa.
A bizarre case - even by Midsomer standards!
Thursday evening at 8:01 PM

Barnaby investigates the death of a man suspected of being able to predict unpredictable events.

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