Stories from a first-of-its-kind PTSD treatment center
Tonight at 11:00 PM

Iraq and Afghanistan veterans try to make peace with their pasts at a PTSD treatment center.


Go behind the headlines
Tonight at 9:00 PM

An investigation into fantasy sports and online sports betting traces the growth of the businesses.

Gwen Ifill discusses the current election cycle and more with President Obama
Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM

Join Gwen Ifill for an interview with President Obama, followed by a town hall conversation.

Can three ordinary people measure the earth, the solar system and even the universe?
Tomorrow night at 9:00 PM

Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking challenges three ordinary people to think like a genius.

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Next Guest

Local bands share the healing power of music through the Heart and Soul Music Stroll. Here to tell us more is Marlene Lambert. 

See self-assembling machines, light-up bacteria and the world's first physical demonstration of evolution in actio
Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM

Professor Stephen Hawking challenges three ordinary people to find out what we really are.

Humphrey's aunt pays a visit to the island...and sees more than the sights
Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

DI Goodman’s aunt Mary becomes the only witness to the murder of a tourist.

Watch video interviews of the winning educators!

KUED, in partnership with UEA, conducted interviews with each of the winning teachers and a person who nominated them. Please enjoy watching these videos and learning more about talented Utah Educators.

Side-splitting moments from the classic show
Friday evening at 8:00 PM

Join Carol Burnett for her personally selected favorite moments from her long-running comedy series.

Phryne reveals the lengths some men will go to for the sake of the game
Saturday evening at 7:00 PM

Phryne investigates the gruesome murder of a local captain of an Australian Rules Football team.

As the body count rises, can Luther uncover a killer's true motives?
Saturday evening at 10:00 PM

Luther must out manoeuvre a trained sniper on a mission to kill police officers.

Janet is baffled by Rachel pulling rank
Saturday evening at 9:00 PM

A woman is found dead in a hotel room. Syndicate 9 has only a necklace and the name Lola to go on.

Spring City leads the way in historic preservation and restoration in Utah. The town was designated a national historic district in the late 1970s.  Since then, more than 50 of its historic gems have been lovingly restored. 

The Friends of Historic Spring City will hold its annual Spring City Heritage Day, on Saturday, May 28, 2016. The public will be able to tour of many of the town’s charming, mid-19th Century pioneer homes and buildings, and visits galleries of local artists.

Volunteer for Antiques Roadshow

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