"Neither snow nor rain..."
Tonight at 7:00 PM

In the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula, a post office is surrounded by 3,000 gentoo penguins.


From zero to hero
Tomorrow night at 9:35 PM

Tim's boring world is shaken and stirred when he's accidentally recruited as a trainee spy for MI5.

Join us in England and Scotland!
“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.”
Ralph Fiennes (left) and Hugh Bonneville at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.
Friday evening at 8:00 PM

Hugh Bonneville discusses the enduring appeal of A Midsummer Night's Dream with Ralph Fiennes.

Literature's most troubled king?
Christopher Plummer on location in a Boston warehouse.
Friday evening at 9:00 PM

Actor Christopher Plummer explores how King Learn might have been staged during Shakespeare's time.

Shrinking sea ice pits Orca vs. Polar Bear

A shift in power is taking place at the top of the world.

You are cordially invited
Doc Martin Season 6
Saturday evening at 8:00 PM

Portwenn is buzzing about the wedding of the Doc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot?

Examine her career, difficult childhood and the dramatic turn that followed her TV variety show.

Your Favorite British Shows Are Now Streaming on KUED.ORG

Watch full episodes of Moone Boy and Death in Paradise online.

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