Can a group of 21st century people endure the living and working conditions of the Victorian poor?
Tuesday, May 2, 7:00 PM

Participants move into an 1860s tenement and perform work once done by their impoverished forebears.


Investigate the U.S. drone war with two women and a former NSA analyst
Tuesday, May 2, 11:00 PM

A drone-target analyst and a retired intelligence officer shed light on the US drone war.

Contact with Mary Dickson Title

Next Guest

Tanner Dance Program at the University of Utah and Elevate Theater Company present Press Start. Mary Ann Lee from Tanner Dance joins Mary in the studio to talk about this special performance.

Infiltrate the world of dolphins as seen by the Spy Creatures from “superpods” to gang rivalries
Wednesday, May 3, 7:00 PM

Cameras Infiltrate the social world of dolphins, from strange gatherings to gang rivalries.

Join engineers as they build a massive new railway beneath the streets of London
Wednesday, May 3, 8:00 PM

Engineers and designers build a massive new subterranean railway deep beneath the streets of London.

See the reality stranger than fiction
Wednesday, May 3, 9:00 PM

The behavior of carnivorous plants, which have been a feature of many a sci-fi films, are examined.

Barnaby's secret past is revealed when a former agent is killed after a cricket match
Thursday, May 4, 8:00 PM

Folklore about The Beast of Midsomer proves to be more than a legend as the Beast strikes again.

One brilliant detective, many mysterious murders
Thursday, May 4, 7:00 PM

The long-running ratings hit returns. DI Humphrey Goodman is finally settled on the beautiful island of Saint Marie, but can’t help feeling that something‘s missing from his life. When Humphrey...

From mountain tops to deep caves, if you're in an emergency, Search & Rescue is there
Tuesday, May 9, 8:00 PM

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Utah’s first-responder Search and Rescue volunteers, and see how life and death experiences have shaped their lives.

Your weekly wrap up of the week’s political news and how it impacts Utahans
Hinckley Report - Header


In partnership with the University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics, The Hinckley Report provides insight and analysis into Utah news and pressing political issues as they relate to the state. Hosted by Jason Perry with guest Utah journalists.

Neely's remarkable influence on the landscape of ceramic art cannot be overestimated

World-renowned potter, wood-fired kiln designer, and educator John Neely is featured on Verve this week.

Local chef and African fashion guru talks about her creative path.

Thoughts on the craft of making coffee drinks from a local barista

Many artists feel a sort of responsibility towards presenting their work, but for Jonathan Gonzalez, presenting a coffee drink is about displaying the final...

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