Observe the five remaining bakers as they work with unconventional flours and unusual desserts
Tonight at 6:00 PM

The five remaining bakers must master Meringue and Custard Dacquoise and create novelty Vegetable Cakes.


Hanoi lays plans for a massive surprise offensive
Tuesday, Oct 24, 8:00 PM

Enemy body counts and American casualties mount as GIs chase an elusive foe and face deadly ambushes.

the story of the final months and days of homeless residents in a unique hospice setting
Monday, Nov 13, 8:00 PM

A riveting portrayal chronicling death with dignity at a unique, homeless hospice facility that profoundly transforms the lives of the homeless residents and their caregivers.

Contact with Mary Dickson Title

Next Guest

The University of Utah Department of Theatre presents Love’s Labour’s Lost by William Shakespeare.

Get ready for the reading marathon!

For our 25th Anniversary of the Reading Marathon, the BIG event will be the kickoff parties on November 4. We will be celebrating our Super Readers at the November 4 events instead of at a Super Reader Party in January.

Remember the Vietnam conflict through the sacrifice of one Utah family
Tuesday, Oct 24, 9:30 PM

One Family’s War is the simple, eloquent tale of the Crandall Family of Salt Lake City during the Vietnam conflict. Told in their own words through audio cassette voice recordings shared between...

UMFA reopens with all new exhibits and more

Our latest episode of Contact in the Community takes us to the UMFA. Considered Utah’s flagship fine arts museum, the UMFA will open its doors...

Meet the Executive Creator of the Andolsek Company

Michael Ryan Andolsek experienced palaces and castles around Europe at a young age and quickly developed a fascination with the architecture, the dress, and the interior design.

Louisa has an idea to boost Larry’s writing career.
Tonight at 7:00 PM

Louisa has an idea to boost Larry's writing career. It doesn't go well. Leslie starts a distillery.

Tonight at 8:00 PM

With Dwight languishing in a French prison, Ross takes a desperate gamble. Drake joins Ross.

Tonight at 9:00 PM

Paul presents his make-or-break collection of gowns. A rival tries to sabotage Nina's big moment.