will Romney run for Senate, and is the tax bill good for Utah?
Tomorrow night at 7:30 PM

Bob Woodward compares media during Watergate vs. now.  Romney is recruited for the Senate.  Will Utahns impact and benefit from tax reform?


Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM

The hit Broadway adaptation of the classic 1942 movie musical showcases an Irving Berlin score.

All-Star Chart-Toppers Dazzle on “Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends.”
This Saturday at 5:00 PM

The legendary producer is celebrated with performances by Celine Dion, Josh Groban and other stars.

Saturday evening at 7:00 PM

The remarkable story of how The Beatles became a global phenomenon. Directed by Oscar-winner Ron Howard.

Two grand and iconic Utah department stores and the warm memories that surround them
Monday, Dec 4, 7:00 PM

Walk down memory lane in this nostalgic new KUED documentary. Look at ZCMI, the first department store in the United States from 1868 through the 1990s - also featuring Auerbach’s department...

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This year’s grand unveiling of Ballet West’s The Nutcracker brings new sets, costumes, and special effects. 

Celebrate the Christmas season throughout the European continent with Rick Steves
This Sunday at 4:00 PM

Customs and practices of the holiday season are explored in England, France, Switzerland and more.

Meet hairdresser and stylist Chad Seale

Hair is fashion. And like high fashion, hairstyles on the runway eventually trickles down to everyday styles and cuts. Chad Seale works all levels; when he’s not in the salon, he’s competing in runway shows with avant-garde styles, collaborating on photo shoots, or teaching classes on techniques and trends

Get ready for the reading marathon!

For our 25th Anniversary of the Reading Marathon, the BIG event will be the kickoff parties on November 4. We will be celebrating our Super Readers at the November 4 events instead of at a Super Reader Party in January.

Celebrate over sixty years of music
Sunday evening at 6:00 PM

The legendary Johnny Mathis performs favorites including "Chances Are" and "Twelfth of Never."

Explore the entertainer's personal life
Monday, Nov 27, 7:00 PM

The entertainer's personal archives shed light on his life. Woody Allen and others are interviewed.

a special holiday program starring beloved brother-sister recording duo Richard and Karen Carpenter
Monday, Nov 27, 9:00 PM

This music-filled documentary traces the Carpenters' career and features the duo's top hits.

The final gripping episode of the landmark documentary event
Tuesday, Nov 28, 8:00 PM

For the next 40 years, Americans and Vietnamese from all sides search for healing and reconciliation.

PBS is the most trusted media source in America.

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