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Literature's most troubled king?
Christopher Plummer on location in a Boston warehouse.
Tonight at 9:00 PM

Actor Christopher Plummer explores how King Learn might have been staged during Shakespeare's time.

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Doc Martin Season 6
Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM

Portwenn is buzzing about the wedding of the Doc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot?

A one woman army of comedic characters
American Masters "Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character"
Tomorrow night at 9:00 PM

Examine her career, difficult childhood and the dramatic turn that followed her TV variety show.

The Crawleys continue to adjust to life in the roaring twenties
Shown: Elizabeth McGovern as Cora
Sunday evening at 8:00 PM

Rose makes a handsome new acquaintance and Edith's link to Marigold draws attention.

A fresh look at humankind's relationship to Earth's wildest places
M Sanjayan with panda
Wednesday, Feb 4, 8:00 PM

Humankind's changing relationships to the big animals that live alongside us are investigated.

One night's stay at this hotel can cost the same as a small family car
Inside Claridge's
Sunday evening at 10:00 PM

A look inside Claridge's, a five star luxury hotel favoured by royalty and celebrities in London.

Could her death have been a coincidence?
Shown from left to right: James Norton as Sidney Chambers, Robson Green as Inspector Keating, and Mark Bonnar as Dr. Robinson
Sunday evening at 9:00 PM

Sidney investigates when an old woman dies shortly after telling him that someone wants her dead.

NOVA recreates the technology behind the bloody Roman Colosseum
Credit: Courtesy of Providence Pictures
Wednesday, Feb 11, 8:00 PM

One of the world's most iconic buildings, the Colosseum is a monument to Roman imperial power.

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