Examine allegations of police abuses and the challenge of fixing a broken relationship with the community
Tomorrow night at 9:00 PM

Step inside the Newark Police Department, one of many troubled forces ordered to reform.


Discover a family tree wrapped in a genealogical web that has captivated the Roadshow team for years
Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM

A family's connection to Schwabb's, the legendary Hollywood pharmacy, is examined.

Meet a vibrant and vital community
The fascinating and touching story of Utah's tight-knit Tibetan community. A KUED online exclusive, told through video, photos, and the written word.
A powerful film which has garnered over 50 awards
Tomorrow night at 11:00 PM

An optometrist identifies the men who killed his brother in the 1965 Indonesian genocide.

From leapers to gliders and those that effortlessly fly for hours, each creature has special techniques to defy gravity
Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM

Explore the basic principles of flight to see how animals become airborne in the first place.

Chart the metamorphosis from the lizard-like form you once took on until the moment around 12 weeks when you became unmistakably human
Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM

Follow the story of how, from a fertilized egg, everyone takes on human form in the womb.

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This year marks the 9th year for the JCC Summer Concert Series. Here to tell us more about this year's concerts is Rita Skolnick. 

See the epic 3-billion-year story of how our continent came to be
Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM

Discover how forces of almost unimaginable power gave birth to the continent of North America.

DI Goodman's new hobby raises a few eyebrows
Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

DI Goodman and his team are tested when a millionaire philanthropist is murdered on his boat, and the only suspects were all underwater at the time.

Spring City leads the way in historic preservation and restoration in Utah. The town was designated a national historic district in the late 1970s.  Since then, more than 50 of its historic gems have been lovingly restored. 

The Friends of Historic Spring City will hold its annual Spring City Heritage Day, on Saturday, May 28, 2016. The public will be able to tour of many of the town’s charming, mid-19th Century pioneer homes and buildings, and visits galleries of local artists.

Street art is on the rise in Utah, and one of the most prominent names in the genre is Casey Kawaguchi.

Explore the beauty of Utah
From hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Gods to following Zion National Park's Artist in Residence, KUED explores unique Utah adventures to add to your bucket list.
London theatre comes to the big screen

National Theatre Live brings London's premiere theatre performances to the big screen. Mary Dickson meets the organizations who have teamed up to host this exciting program.

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