The circle is reunited
Tomorrow night at 9:00 PM

Alice Merren is in prison for murdering a colleague, but Jean believes she is covering for someone.


Contact with Mary Dickson Title

Next Guest

Utah’s First Tacofest in Salt Lake City is sure to attract a large crowd eager to try tacos and support Meals on Wheels. 

Six minute shorts for your lunch hour leisure
Ends July 28

This year's festival includes collaborations with a wide variety of public television producers. The PBS Online Film Festival has attracted more than 4 million video streams over the first five years.

Join the Kratt brothers for a 3-night LIVE event in Alaska!
Sunday evening at 7:00 PM

Watch LIVE as bears, salmon, orcas, walruses and more congregate for Alaska's amazing summer feast.

A conversation with a fascinating artist
This Sunday at 5:30 PM

A Guatemalan native, Efren Garcia is now a US citizen, and dances for Reparatory Dance Theatre.

A Special Online Viewing Event
Thu, July 20 at 10AM - Thu, July 27 at 10AM

KUED Brings History of Iconic Utah Landmark to Life in Temple Square.

Sidney leaves his dog collar behind
Sunday evening at 8:00 PM

Sidney tries to right a wrong. Mrs. Maguire has some questions answered and turns a new leaf.

"Remember Me to one who lives there"
Sunday evening at 9:00 PM

Hannah's nightmares about water and drowning foreshadow events, including the appearance of Isha.

the six remaining bakers compete for a spot in the quarterfinal
Tonight at 8:00 PM

Sweet challenges mean a bitter end for one baker as the six battle for a spot in the quarter final.

Increasingly forgetful, Wallander breaks a cardinal rule of policing
Sunday evening at 10:00 PM

A knife-slashed corpse takes Wallander on a chase for the victim's missing daughter.

An Anonymous package leads to a breakthrough
Sunday evening at 11:30 PM

The connection between Elise and Eryka intensifies. An anonymous package helps the investigation.

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