Watch Broadway’s Critically Acclaimed and Tony Award-winning 'Indecent'

Paula Vogel's Tony Award winner is inspired by an explosive moment in theatrical history.


Meet Singer, songwriter and storyteller

With music, it tends to lock in any experience that I’m going through at that time. Maybe that’s why I love music so much --- or I need it. I love to recall things. And I know that when I listen to certain music, everyone probably experiences this, we’re able to recall other little bits of life that we were going through at the time." Tom Brosseau

Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow, & Myrna Loy star in this 1936 Oscar-nominated screwball comedy
Tomorrow night at 9:00 PM

An editor's fiancee and a lawyer help him trick an heiress suing his paper. Spencer Tracy stars.

Contact with Mary Dickson Title

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The Jewish Community Center hosts a Hanukkah Market every year.

Get ready for the reading marathon!

For our 25th Anniversary of the Reading Marathon, the BIG event will be the kickoff parties on November 4. We will be celebrating our Super Readers at the November 4 events instead of at a Super Reader Party in January.

the story of the final months and days of homeless residents in a unique hospice setting
Tomorrow night at 11:00 PM

A riveting portrayal chronicling death with dignity at a unique, homeless hospice facility that profoundly transforms the lives of the homeless residents and their caregivers.

Two longtime KUED personalities reflect on the station at 60
This Sunday at 5:30 PM

Bruce Christiansen was the President of PBS and general manager of KUED. While Edna Anderson-Taylor has been with KUED from the beginning. They reflect on KUED’s past 60 years.

This Sunday at 3:00 PM

An intimate journey into Leonard Nimoy's personal life also highlights his remarkable career.

Mary and Paul tackle challenges they set the bakers in the dessert and pie weeks.
Sunday evening at 6:00 PM

Tipsy trifle, floating islands, wobbly apricot tart, custard tarts and spanakopita are served.

Dr. Petrides has his hands full. Louisa, Leslie, and Spiro come to the rescue.
Sunday evening at 7:00 PM

Louisa, Leslie and Spiro rescue Dr. Petrides as he deals with women in labor and a stabbing victim.

The highly anticipated Poldark season finale
Sunday evening at 8:00 PM

Elizabeth turns the tables on George and Demelza and Lt. Armitage reveal their true feelings.

UMFA reopens with all new exhibits and more

Our latest episode of Contact in the Community takes us to the UMFA. Considered Utah’s flagship fine arts museum, the UMFA will open its doors...

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