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I’m one thousand feet off the desert canyon floor, hanging by a rope. I’m a long way out of my comfort zone. Normally I would be terrified, but I know I’m in good hands.


FDR aims to end the Depression, while Eleanor rejects the traditional role of First Lady
Tonight at 7:00 PM

FDR brings the same optimism and energy to the White House that his cousin Theodore displayed.

A treat for the eyes and ears
Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM

A symphony of world class images from the West's red rock country, combined with music from some of the world's best loved classical composers.

The dashing hero rides again

Be the first to see Poldark on Masterpiece on the big screen with KUED.

Celebrate the trio that provided America’s soundtrack for generations.
Tomorrow night at 8:02 PM

The impact of the preeminent trio that brought folk music to America's mass audiences is celebrated.

2015 Writers & Illustrators Contest Winners

KUED explores the lives of refugees living in Utah in Finding Home: Utah's Refugee Story

Join us in England and Scotland!
Roy Clark hosts this emotional trip down three decades of memory lane
Thursday evening at 7:00 PM

Roy Clark and Glenn Campbell highlight classic country pop tunes from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Wish You Were Here
Friday evening at 8:00 PM
This new concert special bursting with Pink Floyd’s most beloved songs, was filmed at Trier & Oberhausen Arenas in Germany on April 12the and 13th, 2013.

Your Favorite British Shows Are Now Streaming on KUED.ORG

Watch full episodes of Doctor Blake Mysteries, Death in Paradise, New Tricks, Moone Boy, and SPY online.

Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies