Healing the Warrior's Heart looks at PTSD through the prism of Native American ceremony, and explores the ancient healing traditions that continue to help returning American Indian soldiers, as well as non-native veterans suffering from this affliction. View the full film here.  
Great Performances Cats
Friday, November 21st at 8:00pm
Cats, one of musical theater's biggest blockbusters, returns for an encore presentation.
"The Music Man" Shirley Jones & Robert Preston
Saturday, November 22nd at 8:59pm
An charming, upbeat charlatan convinces Iowa townspeople to start a boys marching band.
"Jay Leno: The Mark Twain Prize" Jay Leno and guests at the Kennedy Center
Sunday, November 23rd at 7:00pm
The biggest names in comedy salute the former "Tonight Show" host, comedian and performer Jay Leno.
Richard Pryor: Icon
Sunday, November 23rd at 8:30pm
The profound and enduring influence of one of the greatest American comics of all time is explored.
Ultimate Restorations "Ahrens Fox: The Kansas City Treasure"
Monday, November 24th at 9:00pm
A massive Ahrens Fox, once considered the Rolls Royce of fire engines, is pieced back together.


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