The ball is in their court
Tomorrow night at 7:00 PM

DI Goodman and the team are under pressure to solve the murder of a volleyball player.


A decade after Hurricane Katrina devastated a city, how has New Orleans reclaimed its rhythm?
This Sunday at 1:00 PM

How do you babysit a grandpa? Authour Jean Reagan tells you in her book "How To babysit a grandpa."
This Sunday at 5:30 PM

What will Father brown do when word of assasination strikes?
Sunday evening at 6:00 PM

Father Brown finds himself in a bad situation when he is told Bishop Talbot will be assassinated.

Inspector Sullivan is wanted for murder and father brown is stunned
Sunday evening at 7:00 PM

When Inspector Sullivan becomes a fugitive, he takes sanctuary in St Mary's and asks for help.

Moriarty has a diabolical plot to "get sherlock" which later reveals some shocking truth
Sunday evening at 8:00 PM

Sherlock fight for his reputation, his sanity and his life when he locks horns with James Moriarty.

Freddie and Stuart join a gym while Violet and Penelope don't mind a quiet flat.
Sunday evening at 9:30 PM

Feeling unfit, Freddie and Stuart join Ash at a gym where they sign up for an expensive membership.

KUED commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII
Monday, Aug 31, 7:00 PM
A live television and online event celebrating some of the world’s most amazing marine creatures converging off California’s coast
Original Airdate: 
August 2015

Join scientists, animal behaviorists and other experts in a live TV broadcast to view the rejuvenation of the once endangered ecosystem of Monterey Bay, California, where marine creatures convene in a once-a-year confluence of fins, fur and fangs.

Rescuers work to bring a family closure after a fatal fall

A search and rescue team risk their own lives to retrieve the body of a victim after a 600 foot fall.

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DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival enters its sixth season with inspiring and entertaining documentaries. Here to tell us more is Phil Tuckett.

New Episodes Sept 7-11

September features a week of all-new episodes for both Peg and Cat and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Rescuers drop in to help hikers lost among the granite cliffs of Lone Peak

"They had lots of water, extra clothing, and they got a 6:30 a.m. start.  But the Lone Peak Wilderness area can be difficult to navigate."

Your Favorite British Shows Are Now Streaming on KUED.ORG

Watch full episodes of Doctor Blake Mysteries, Father Brown, Death in Paradise, New Tricks, and The Café online.

Reserve your tribute flag today
The Colors of Cancer

On September 18th celebrate the opening of the Hope Lodge with KUED’s Colors of Cancer project.