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Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum Opens Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit

The next exhibit opening at Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is all about Sid the Science Kid. Here to tell us more is Laurie Hopkins. 

Show Guest: 
Laurie Hopkins

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company Presents Fall Season

Ririe-Woodbury's Fall season presents three diverse pieces that blur the lines between traditional dance performance, visual art installation, and theater. Here to tell us more is Jena Woodbury. 

Show Guest: 
Jena Woodbury

Contact in the Community Kidnected World's Wonderment

Utah is home to one of the nations largest populations of refugee youth. Kidnected World’s Wonderment initiative brings our young refugee community creative tools and resources with the Utah Refugees Maker Bus.  The bus acts as a mobile unit that can travel to various refugee communities, schools, and other destinations to provide access to social, creative and educational resources. 

Salt Lake County Animal Services Host The 2nd Annual Petapalooza Festival

Salt Lake County Animal Services is hosting the 2nd annual Pet-a-palooza Festival. Here to tell us more is Callista Pearson. 

Show Guest: 
Callista Pearson