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Relay Utah

Relay Utah provides telecommunication access and equipment to deaf, hard of hearing, and speech challenged individuals. Jodi Goodenough shows us some of their devices and explains how their services work.

Show Guest: 
Jodi Goodenough

Not One Drop

Plan-B Theatre’s production, Not One Drop, is a sideways glance at the roles we play to convince ourselves that we are or are not who we think we are. Jerry Rapier directs the play and joins Mary in the studio.

Show Guest: 
Jerry Rapier


Linda C. Smith from Repertory Dance Theatre talks about their latest production, DABKE, which blends Middle Eastern folk dance, Arab pop music and contemporary dance. 

Show Guest: 
Linda C. Smith


The University of Utah’s Department of Theatre’s production, “Eclipsed” is based on the real life stories of the women and girls who helped bring peace to the African nation of Liberia during its second civil war. The play’s director, Stephanie Weeks, joins Mary in the studio.

Show Guest: 
Stephanie Weeks

Contact in the Community | The Bboy Federation

Since 2009, The Bboy Federation has been a showcase for urban dance, both for performances and as a viable path for young dancers to succeed through practice, performance and education. Founders James Karren and Joshua Perkins had already been featuring newer and seasoned dancers at events and just a year later they decided the Hip Hop scene in Utah was ready for a little more.