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The Great Salt Lake Fringe is a multi-day performing arts festival. Here to tell us more is Dannielle Moriondo. 

The Face of Utah Sculpture Exhibition is celebrating it's 11th year. Here to tell us more is Michael Christensen. 

The Bountiful Davis Summerfest is a free event featuring International performers, arts, and food. Here to tell us more is Alysa Revell. 

KUED Health Matters Initiative

Pennies by the Inch is a campaign fundraiser for the children at Primary Children's Hospital. Here to tell us more is Kay Cullimore. 

Downwinders chronicles the plight of the people living in American southwest that were affected by nuclear bomb testing in Southern Nevada. Here to tell us more is filmmaker Tim Skousen. 

Families can enjoy free concerts and dance performances this summer at Mondays in the Park. Here to tell us more is Adrienne Decker. 

The Road Home Apple Tree supports those school children who are in need of back-to-school items. Here to tell us more is Matt Minkevitch.

The Bountiful Davis Art Center is partnering with KUED to host a Family Art Night. Here to tell us more is Elizabeth Barbano. 

Deer Valley is the summer home of the Utah Symphony and Opera. Here to tell us more about this year's lineup is Natalie Cope. 

The newest exhibit at the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum teaches kids to reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle. Here to tell us more is executive director Laurie Hopkins. 


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The Colors of Cancer

On September 18th celebrate the opening of the Hope Lodge with KUED’s Colors of Cancer project.