Contact with Mary Dickson

The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, RDT's Ring Around the Rose, and KUED are joining together for Creative Critter Days each month. Here to tell us more is Sarina Ehrgott. 

The Hope Benefit helps support care for seniors who cannot afford it. Here to tell us more is Beth Ehrhardt. 

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum is hosting their annual Halloween Spooktacular. Here to tell us more is Kirsta Albert. 

Go Learn wants you to join them on their upcoming Spring trip to Cuba. Here to tell us more is Laura Chukanov. 

This year's Garden After Dark is inspired by classic fairytales. Here to tell us more is LaraLee Smith. 

Madame Butterfly is the next performance to come from the Utah Opera . Here to tell us more is Christopher McBeth. 

People Productions is bringing the complex and true story to life in Melanie Marchich's These Shining Lives. Here to tell us more is Richard Scharine. 

The Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy has a great lineup for their fall lecture series. Here to tell us more is Laura Dupuy. 

This October, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will host recent work by University of Utah Faculty. Here to tell us more is Gretchen Dietrich. 

October is Identity Theft Protection Month. Here to give us tips on what we can and can't do is Don Milne.