Contact with Mary Dickson

The Kimball Arts Festival is a three day event that takes places on Park City's historic Main Street. Here to tell us more is Kristie Henderson. 

Spice Kitchen Incubator is a business incubation program to help refugees start a food business. Here to tell us more is Natalie El-Deiry. 

The Leonardo's current exhibit explores the intricate biology, zoology, and physiology of the world's most spectacular creatures. Here to tell us more is Bryton Sampson. 

NAMI Utah: The GLMR is a 100 mile ride to raise awareness of mental illness and suicide prevention. Here to tell us more is Stan Sandowski. 

The Salt Lake City Arts Council returns to Pioneer Park for its 27th Twilight Concert Series. Here to tell us more is Jesse Schaefer. 

The Angels in the Park Festival helps support Utah families living with children suffering from unusual medical circumstances. Here to tell us more is Tine Esparza. 

The 2014 State of Downtown will celebrate downtown Salt Lake City and highlight the dramatic changes and future of the city. Here to tell us more is Jason Mathis. 

The J. Willard Marriott Library is connecting end users to online, digital objects through their Bridging the Gap project. Here to tell us more if Kinza Masood. 

Community organizers and the Utah Historical Society is celebrating the 100th anniversary of former Salt Lake City Mayor Robert Newman Baskin. Here to tell us more is Don Thomas. 

The American Red Cross's Pillowcase Project is designed to create a generation of youth who are empowered to take action by practicing how to prepare for emergencies. Here to tell us more is Page Neal.