Contact with Mary Dickson

The University of Utah Department of Film and Media Arts is celebrating one of its alumni with a special film screening of One Revolution. Here to tell us more is director Amanda Stoddard. 

The Utah Children's Theatre's Shakespeare Festival is described as a festival for kids and adults with short attention spans. Here to tell us more about the 2014 season is Matthew Windham. 

The Inclusion Open is an annual golf tournament that raises awareness and funds for the Inclusion Center for Community and Justice. Here to tell us more is Saundra Stokes. 

RDT's Ring Around the Rose is a "wiggle-friendly" series that introduces children to the arts. Here to tell us more is Stephanie Perkins. 

The Legal Aid Society will host its annual gala, "Hats Off!" this September. Here to tell us more is Stewart Ralphs. 

The Horse, is the newest exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Utah. Here to tell us more is Lisa Thompson. 

The Girls Scouts of Utah is partnering with KUED to build a Chain of Empowerment. Here to tell us more is Brandy Strand. 

Caring Connections is recruiting volunteers to help in their research in studies on complicated grief. Here to tell us more is Katherine Supiano. 

The Blue Moon Festival is a local music and arts festival in Holladay. Here to tell us more is Steve Floor.

KUED is partnering with the Alzheimer's Association of Utah to host an evening of education, art, and film. Here to tell us more is Rachelle Anderson.