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KUED Diverse Voices Initiative

Crisol Film Initiative provides a space where the Latin American community can celebrate their cultures through films in Salt Lake City. Here to tell us more is founder Karem Orrego. 

Red Butte Garden is hosting the Utah Symphony for a special summer event. Here to tell us more is Bryn Ramjoue. 

The Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Architects is working on a number of community projects. Here to tell us more is Heather Wilson. 

The Tanner Humanities Center is hosting a lecture on human values with Margaret Atwood. Here to tell us more is Tyler Ford. 

AmeriCorps Week is a time to salute AmeriCorps members and alums for their service. Here to tell us more is Ashley Engeler. 

The next lecture from the Utah Women's Leadership Speaker and Dialogue Series is all about being born to lead. Here to tell us more is Dr. Susan Madsen. 

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The League of Women Voters here is Salt Lake is hosting an event to celebrate women's history and Martha Hughes Cannon. RSVP to this event!

The Pioneer Park Coalition is working on a master plan for the downtown park. Here to tell us more about the upcoming initiatives is Karen Mecham. 

A/Version of Events is a claustrophobic road trip about healing at different speeds, getting trapped in the wrong memories and whether or not we can outrun ourselves. Here to tell us more is Jerry Rapier. 

Shen Yun Performing Arts takes you on a extraordinary journey to the lost land of the ancient Middle Kingdom. Here to tell us more about the production Cheyenne Lui. 

The Marriott Library is highlighting Utah women with a lecture on 20th Century Women as Mothers of Invention. Here to tell us more is Marie Cornwall. 

The Utah Symphony Guild is hosting their annual fundraiser this March. Here to tell us more is Donna Smith. 

KUED Diverse Voices Initiative

Women of the World is celebration International Women's Day with their annual fashion show. Samira Harnish is here to tell us more. 

The National Association of Business Owners, Salt Lake Chapter is celebration 35 years with a state of the woman business owner Conference. Here to tell us more is Asenath Horton.