A Changing Harvest - Goal Reached!

A 30-minute Utah NOW documentary that explores the loss of agricultural land to expanding suburbs, the impact on generational Utah farming families, and innovations being explored by urban farmers to keep food production local on the Wasatch Front.

Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT
Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT


Surrounded by mountains, lakes, desert and salt flats, the Wasatch Front has a limited agricultural landscape.

Over the next 30 years the population of the Wasatch Front is estimated to increase by 65% or another 1.4 million people.

With open space at a premium, it is conceivable that a majority of local farmers will convert their remaining arable land to suburban housing and urban development projects.

Sunset on the Family Farm

In urbanized areas, family farmers are increasingly in a position sell their land to developers at a much higher price than standard agricultural real estate.

In order to secure a more manageable retirement, aging farmers are understandably tempted to take advantage of increased property values and sell land that has been in their family for generations.

This scenario is hardly unique to the Wasatch Front. Since 1982, the expansion of our nation's metropolitan areas has caused the loss of 23 million acres of agricultural land (the geographic equivalent of the state of Indiana.)

Very few cities, however, have made it a priority to balance the conflicting interests of farmers and developers by utilizing an approach that both preserves agricultural land and allows for urban growth.

Rise of Urban Food Production

Utah consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food is produced.

This growing demographic is looking towards local farmers markets, community supported agriculture and urban homesteading as a healthy and viable alternative to industrial-scale agriculture.

In response to consumer demand, a new generation of farmers are working smaller tracts of land wherever open space can be found (for example, lots nestled into suburban areas, neighbors' backyards and existing agricultural areas) in counterbalance to encroaching urban development.

Local Participants

Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT
Tim Crandall Interview, Orem, UT
Jason and Heather Steed

Steed Family Farm

Scott Smith

Smith Family Farm

Cari Tagge

Tagge Fruit Farms

Tim Crandall

Utah Valley Orchards

Adam and Dianna Diehl

Adam's Heirlooms

John Bennett

LeRay McAllister Conservation Fund

Julie Peck-Dabling

Salt Lake County Open Space & Urban Farming Department

Guiding Questions

  • How do we balance the conflicting interests between new development and Utah's open spaces?
  • What values exist for the population at large in protecting local farmers?
  • How is the landscape of farming changing along the Wasatch Front as our valleys continue to see rapid population growth?
Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT
Tagge Family Farm, Perry, UT

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Filmmaker: Frank Feldman

Filmmaker: Frank Feldman

Director/ Producer Frank Feldman graduated with a B.A. in Film Studies from the University of Utah in 2004 and has produced a number of films since then including Natural Family Values, a documentary set in Kanab, Utah. Frank spent much of 2006 filming the results of Kanab's "Natural Family Resolution," a document approved by the city council that defines the gender roles of men and women in the small southern Utah town. Frank's recent filmmaking efforts include a narrative film that he directed and co-wrote entitled Vapid Lovelies, which was an official selection of the 2009 Slamdance Film Festival, where it received the Spirit of Slamdance Award. Frank currently teaches Documentary Arts at Spy Hop Productions in Salt Lake City.


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