Free Community Screening - The World Before Her

Sep 24

Free Community Screening - The World Before Her

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Join KUED and the Tanner Humanities Center for a free screening of The World Before Her at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

The World Before Her, is a fascinating portrait of two women and two Indias. It reveals a world of startling contrasts between urban and rural, jeans and saris, consumer culture and poverty, where rapid economic development fuels a sharpening conflict between tradition and modernity--especially when it touches on women and religion. In focusing on two particularly thoughtful young women--one a militant Hindu nationalist, the other a contestant for Miss India--The World Before Her provides a timely account of a multi-faceted, often confusing clash over values and the future of the world's largest democracy.

For more information, contact Rachelle Anderson at (801) 585-3523 or

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