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Credit: Courtesy of © Philip Jones

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Elizabeth Renda

Starting December 1, KUED will be giving away amazing prizes each day. Go to our KUED Channel 7 & KUED Kids Facebook pages as well as our KUED Twitter page to enter to win the daily prize when the time comes, but for now here are some hints on whats to come:

Starting December 1, KUED will be giving away amazing prizes each day. Go to our KUED Channel 7 & KUED Kids Facebook pages as well as our KUED Twitter page to enter to win the daily prize when the time comes, but for now here are some hints on whats to come:

Dec 1 On the First Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a British invasion worthy of noticing -- Season 1 DVD of SHERLOCK, Season 3 DVD or Blu-Ray of DOWNTON ABBEY, two Sherlock novels, a KUED British flag tote bag and a KUED British flag mug

WINNER: Michael Jones

Dec 2 On the Second Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a garden full of black and white keys -- 2 Piano Guys DVDs, a copy of THEPIANOGUYS: LIVE AT RED BUTTE GARDEN and a free family membership to Red Butte Garde

WINNER: Kristie Mejia

Dec 3 On the Third Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a ride in a Salt Lake time machine -- BRIGHAM STREET: SALT LAKE CITY’S GRAND BOULEVARD dvd, a coffee table book “Salt Lake City: Then and Now” and a KUED mug

WINNER: Sandra Kidd

Dec 4 On the Fourth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a parachute filled with candy -- A homemade parachute kit, a package of candy, a dvd of THE CANDY BOMBER and a dvd & cd set of this year's CHRISTMAS WITH THE MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR

WINNER: Jann Hadfield Curtis

Dec 5 On the Fifth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a bright light adventure you should "know a lot about" -- four tickets to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo as well as a Cat in the Hat doll and a matching game!

WINNER: Maria Chamorro

Dec 6 On the Sixth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… not your average “Joe’s” guitar -- a signed Joe Bonamassa electric guitar

WINNER: Ian Anderson

Dec 7 On the Seventh Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a Channel 7 present for your T.V. -- TWELVE of our original KUED productions, a KUED mug, a KUED glass and a KUED water bottle

WINNER: Nancy Nielsen

Dec 8 On the Eighth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a blast from the past with choirs singing -- three DVD/CD pairs from past performances including a signed CD from David Archuleta

WINNER: Norma Jean Gile

Dec 9 On the Ninth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a pair of tickets that will make you sing -- Two tickets to this year’s CHRISTMAS WITH THE MORMON TABERNACLE CHOIR featuring Deborah Voigt and Jonathan Rhys-Davies

WINNER: Charlie Micklesen

Dec 10 On the Tenth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a “Discovery” of a new KUED Kids show -- a "Peg + Cat" bag, book and notepad as well as six free ticket to Discovery Gateway

WINNER: Daisy Hilton

Dec 11 On the Eleventh Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a sky full of stars for all to see -- 6 tickets to the Clark Planetarium Theater, a DVD of NATURE: ANIMAL ODD COUPLES and two books on animals

WINNER: Heather Toone Yospe

Dec 12 On the Twelfth Day of Giving, KUED Gave to Me… a great way to celebrate New Year’s eve -- FOUR tickets to "EVE: Salt Lake City's New Years Celebration"

WINNER: Erica Shaw

Dec 13 EBC Winter Drive

Rules & Guidelines

  • You can enter to win each day, but are only eligible to win one prize package
  • You must follow the guidelines of each individual Facebook post to enter to win
  • You can only enter on the Facebook page hosting the giveaway (Either KUED Channel 7 or KUED Kids)
  • You can receive and additional entry by tweeting @KUED
  • Must be 16 or older to win
  • Winners must live within KUED Broadcasting range
  • Some prizes may require the winner to live within driving distance of KUED Channel 7’s building on The University of Utah campus
  • Prizes will be posted to Facebook at approximately 8am and will be eligible for entries for 24 hours expiring at 8am the following morning (ex: December 1st prize will be valid for entries from 8:00am Sunday, December 1 – 8:00am Monday, December 2).
  • The 12 Days of KUED promotion will last 12 days starting on December 1st at 8:00am running through December 13th at 8:00am.
  • Winners will be notified via Facebook if they have won within an hour after the entries for the prize close
  • Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize (by sending us a message) or another winner will be notified 
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