23rd Annual Super Reader's Marathon

Welcome Super Readers! It's time to enter your minutes from the Reading Marathon. Congratulations on reading 20 minutes every day in November. Fill out the form below to receive your certificate of accomplishment and your invitation to the party. We can't wait to see you at the Super Reader Party!

NOTE: Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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Ready To Learn is funded in part by: Emma Eccles Jones Foundation, Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, R. Harold Burton Foundation, The Boeing Company, Katharine Fi. Lamb, George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, U.S. Bank Foundation, Herbert I. & Elsa B. Michael Foundation, Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation, Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley Foundation, Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation, Chevron, Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation in Honor of Cleone Peterson Eccles, The Castle Foundation, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation, and Utah Medical Association Foundation.

Parent's Info
Child's Info
Enter Minutes
Please enter the total number of minutes read - Minimum 600 Minutes.
  • Morning: 10AM - Noon
  • Afternoon: Noon - 2PM
Please remember that you will need the full 2 hours for your child to experience everything at the party!
Photo and Media Release

Every year KUED Kids creates an online photo album for parents and families to access after the party. We may also use these images from the event on air during KUED Kids programs to show everyone how much fun the Super Reader Party is!

Note: We do not sell or share any of the images!
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