Online SEVEN Program Guide

SEVEN Guide - September 2014

Look for the Ken Burns' special about one of America's most important political family dynasties, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

SEVEN Guide - August 2014

The Utah Bucket List returns with Part 2. Join KUED for new adventures from across Utah and find out how to fulfill some life-long dreams.

SEVEN Guide - June 2014

This June KUED brings us the beautiful Red Rock Serenade - some of the most beautiful scenery in the west set to timeless classical themes.

SEVEN Guide - April 2014

This April don't miss the KUED Production of Courthouse which tells the complex history of federal law in Utah.

SEVEN Guide - February 2014

This month's issue includes the KUED Production 'The Air We Breathe' about the air quality problems in Utah.