Michael Mosley Stars in Quirky New Science Program

Monday, January 13, 2014 - 9:00pm

Can cutting edge science make you more intelligent, function without sleep, or live longer? In Make Me...,  the entertaining three-part series with science at its heart, British journalist and physician Michael Mosley goes on a scientific journey of discovery, using himself in experiments,  to see if cutting edge science really can improve his life. Along the way he meets individuals and experts to answer some of science's most puzzling questions. The series airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on KUED beginning January 13.  

In Make Me Smarter, Mosley sets out to find what intelligence is and where it comes from.  We're told there are lots of ways we can increase our intelligence - from drugs, to the things we eat and the music we listen to. But do they really make a difference? Can Mosley, whose IQ is 135,  boost his score by 12 points in order to secure a place in Mensa, the society for bright people?  He meets contestants in the U.K. Memory Championships to find out. He travels to institutes in America which use training combined with specific, diet, and exercise to nurture intelligence in babies. He participates in a neurofeedback session and plays specially designed video games - all in a bid to up his IQ. But will it work? Or, is intelligence is innate?

In Make Me Stay Awake Longer, Mosley tests the claim that we might only need a few hours of sleep a night. We all crave more sleep, but with scientific advancements, do we now really need it?  A new wave of drugs promises to do for sleep what the contraceptive pill did for sex - unshackle it from nature. Mosley experiences what it's like to put aside the conventional eight hours of sleep and keep awake for as long as possible.  He meets the world record breaker Tony Wright who can go up to 12 days without sleep before he dips into the world of sleep endurance competitions.  In Canada, he meets a man who claims that a recent pharmaceutical invention, Modafinil, allows him to fully function and work a 20-hour day with just a few naps.

Global warming, wars, economic meltdown. While the future of our species seems to be hanging by a thread, the future for individuals looks bright. In Make Me Live Forever, Mosley goes on a journey to the logical conclusion of modern medicine -  triumph over death. He visits Cambridge academic Aubrey de Grey, who is offering prize money for the scientist who can most effectively rejuvenate aging mice. But Mosley wants more than longevity; he is seeking immortality. He witnesses the application of stem cell work, which offers the chance of replacing body parts. Using the latest research in Make Me Live Forever, some of Michael's cells are made immortal.


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