Sarah Wolf Watcher

Return of the Wolves:The Next Chapter

Sarah (wolf watcher) transcript
Wolves 2/KUED
Sarah tell us what you like about wolves and what you think is unique about this experience and maybe how long you've been doing it.
Sarah (wolf watcher)
Well I've been coming to Yellowstone National Park for 20 years since 1992, and I have been always fascinated by the diversity of this ecosystem. And then when they reintroduced the wolves it made my experience all the better. I love the fact that man has… So much of… Let me explain it this way. So much of man's development has created a lot of, has reduced the amount of natural environments that we have on our earth. And there are only a few places on the earth that are preserved like Yellowstone National Park is. And it is so unique because it's very untouched by human development. And there was a point in time where the wolf lived throughout the earth and he became, his population decreased because the human population increased. And so the fact that the Yellowstone wolf program has reintroduced the wolves is incredible because we are preserving natural history. We have, you know, we as man may leave a giant footprint on the earth, but we are also taking steps to ensure that the way that the earth was is still preserved. So for me it's incredible that I can come here and see almost what the earth might have looked like before the human development, and to see the wolves running free, how they might have actually been. It's incredible. And I really enjoy my experiences. I love coming up here and spending time with Rick and following him around and getting to see things that not many people get to see anymore because of how developed our world is. So to be in this natural environment and to just, you know be able to see the wolves and their natural habitat. It's an incredible experience.
Do you think the wolves are a big draw for most tourists in Yellowstone?
Sarah (wolf watcher)
I do. I think the reintroduction has inspired many people to come here. Over the years I have noticed more and more people. I've been here many times throughout my life during all four seasons, and I have noticed an increase in people since the introduction of the wolf has been publicized. So I'm going to definitely say yes. It's a big draw for me, so I imagine it would definitely be a big draw for other people.
Sarah tell us why you think the wolves are such a big draw to most of the tourists that come into Yellowstone.
Sarah (wolf watcher)
Why do I think they're such a big draw? Probably because they're such a unique and rare species. Not very many people get to see them. There are not many places in the world where they still run free. And to come to Yellowstone National Park and see the wolves run free is a major draw. It's also just fascinating that we can reintroduce a species into...
Sarah you were talking about the wolves. Why do you think it's such a big draw, and is this one of the main reasons you come to Yellowstone is to see the wolves?
Sarah (wolf watcher)
Yes. Over the years I've noticed that there's a lot more tourist traffic because of the reintroduction of the wolves. I've been coming here, like I said before, for about 20 years, and I have noticed an increase in traffic throughout all four seasons. And I really truly believe that one of the main reasons that people come here is because throughout the world there is very few populations that are actually visible. And people come here to Yellowstone National Park and have the ability to see the wolves run free, and they don't get to see that back home. So it's a unique experience for them to come here and get to see something that they can be inspired by, or be in awe by and take that story back home.

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