Audubon is a one-hour documentary that explores the extraordinary figure of John James Audubon. A self-taught painter and ornithologist, he left a legacy of art and science that made him famous in his lifetime and endures to this day. His portrait hangs in the White House, his statue stands over the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History, and his name was adopted by the nation's first conservation organization. More than 100 books have been written about him, yet the story of John James Audubon has never been told on screen. Filmed in all of the major locations that Audubon explored himself, from Newfoundland and Texas to Key West and Montana, this documentary brings to life Audubon's timeless paintings with stunning footage of the living birds he immortalized - and celebrates visually the natural world he described so eloquently in his writings. The program features interviews with the foremost authorities on the man, experts on his art, and scholars of his science to put his work in a modern perspective. Not only is Audubon's work still relevant, it carries a message that could not be more timely and important in today's America.

56 minutes
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