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Dickensian - episode: 108H

After seeing Compeyson's murderous intentions the night before, Arthur is a gibbering wreck, hiding in his room as Compeyson knocks on his door and then starting to pack his clothes, determined to get away. When Matthew comes round to see him his relief is so great he begins to tell him the truth of his situation. However, before he can get Compeyson's name out the man himself walks into the room and takes charge of the situation. He quickly covers that Arthur is in enormous debt to Scrooge and offers to settle his debts for him. Matthew is impressed again by Compeyson and Arthur has lost his chance to confide. Over lunch at Satis House Compeyson realises that Matthew is in love with Miss Havisham though it is unrequited. Taking Matthew to one side he reveals he knows his secret and also how he can win Miss Havisham's love - he must become like her father and there is no better way to do that than continue his travels, which were in fact paid for by Mr Havisham, and make something of himself in America. Impressed by Compeyson's confidence and knowledge of the world, Matthew believes him and reluctantly tells Amelia he will not be able to stay and help her. As Matthew departs, Jip bites Compeyson clearly not having forgiven him for his alleged rescue. Compeyson covers his anger but later Jip is revealed to be missing. Compeyson walks by the river, something concealed in his coat. He pulls out a bag which lets out a small whimper before he drops it in to the river. Bucket comes to interview Barbary - what was he doing rowing with Jacob Marley on Christmas Eve. Barbary is forced to reveal he was at the docks to sell his wife's engagement ring to pay off part of his debt. From his description it is clear he sold the ring to Fagin. Bucket goes round to see Fagin who confirms Barbary's story but puts his own alibi in jeopardy. Bucket returns to Barbary and when Frances backs up his alibi by confirming they had carol singers that night and she has a record of what they were paid, Bucket crosses him off his list. However Fagin is getting closer in his sights. Relieved that his name is cleared Barbary looks to a brighter future before being told that all the stock he was expecting has been claimed by his creditors. He is completely ruined. Bill wants to take Nancy away from Fagin and her work as a prostitute. He offers Fagin five pounds but Fagin demands fifty. Mrs Gamp tells Silas a hair raising story to persuade him he shouldn't live alone.
57 minutes
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