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Episode 6

Martha can only watch as Bob Cratchit is taken away to be questioned over the murder of Jacob Marley. The rest of the Crathit family plus Martha's groom, John Bagnet, wait expectantly at the Church little knowing the peril Bob is in. In the interview room Bucket outlines his case - Bob Cratchit had motive, means and opportunity and no alibi. When it's revealed that Cratchit crossed off the debt he owed Marley after his death he calls Scrooge in to support his case. On going through his ledgers Scrooge admits that Cratchit had transferred the debt and in fact made it a little larger - but it still doesn't change the fact he altered the books. Bob pleads with Bucket to let him at least see his daughter married; following his instinct that Bob might not be the killer - he lets him go.

A very relieved Martha is taken to Church and married to John Bagnet with Emily still unaware of what has taken place. Reminiscing about the moment Compeyson spoke of drowning in her, Amelia is startled to find he is at her door. Far from repeating his words, Compeyson tells Amelia he will never utter such words again and hopes that she will forgive him for saying them in the first place. He leaves a very confused Amelia. Spurred on by Honoria, Amelia writes to Compeyson on the pretence of talking business. Compeyson is delighted that he's so piqued her interest but when he arrives at Satis House later that day he finds Amelia with her dear cousin Matthew Pocket and she has no time to speak to Compeyson.

Bob returns to the police station after the wedding, but having got the truth out of her daughter, Emily is soon after him. Emily makes an impassioned plea to Bucket to believe Bob's innocence and also provides him with an alibi for the time of the murder. Bucket lets Bob go - for now but he's sure that Emily has lied for him and wonders why. Frances introduces Honoria to Sir Leicester Dedlock but Honoria is horrified to find out he is intended for her. She reminds Frances she only has eyes for her Captain.

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