Dinosaur Train: What's at the Center of the Earth?

In this one-hour special, the Conductor has a special surprise for our favorite Pteranodon Family, the Dinosaur Drill Train! This amazing machine gives its passengers a front row seat as they dig deep underground on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure below the Earth's surface. There they discover a whole new world from fossils and troglobites to rivers of lava. The family gains a whole new perspective on our planet and what it's made of especially after a runaway mine cart thrill ride!

“What’s at the Center of the Earth?” – a one-hour special including the following stories:

“What’s at the Center of the Earth?” – Layers!
The Conductor takes the Pteranodon family on a very special journey on a new invention – the Drill Train – in search of the perfect spot for a new underground Dinosaur Train station! Don is THRILLED to be venturing into the BIGGEST HOLE THE EARTH HAS EVER KNOWN! Shiny is nervous to be underground, until they meet a new friend (a Mesozoic mole named Natasha Necrolestes), who teaches them all about the different layers of the Earth.

“What’s at the Center of the Earth?” – Fossils!
As the Pteranodon family continues their journey underground, Don accidentally breaks Buddy’s trilobite fossil (the oldest fossil in his collection)! When the search for another trilobite fossil turns up empty, their new friend Natasha Necrolestes takes them to Fossil Alley, where the kids learn that the older the fossil, the deeper underground it is.

“What’s at the Center of the Earth?” – Troglobites!
The Drill Train burrows into an underground limestone cave, where the Pteranodon family meets some strange eyeless creatures called “troglobites.” In a contest to see who would make the best troglobite, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don participate in a treasure hunt – with their eyes closed! The kids have to rely on their other senses (with some guidance from the actual troglobites) to navigate the cave and find the prize.

“What’s at the Center of the Earth?” – Minerals!
While digging even further underground, the drill bit on the Drill Train breaks. The Pterandons find themselves in the Cave of Giant Crystals, where they learn all about rocks and crystals (what they are, how they’re different, how they form). In order to get back home, the Pteranodon family has to fix the drill bit by finding a mineral harder than the mineral that broke the bit in the first place.


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58 minutes
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