Magic of the Snowy Owl

Original Airdate: 
December 2013

Nature explores the world of the snowy owl, a bird recently made popular by Hedwig, Harry Potter's faithful companion. Turning fantasy into reality, "Magic of the Snowy Owl" takes an intimate look at how these majestic birds survive in one of the most isolated and inhospitable places on the planet.

Noted wildlife filmmaker Fergus Beeley ("Jungle Eagle") takes viewers deep into the "snowy's" tundra home on the North Slope of Alaska to observe the daily struggles involved in raising a family of helpless chicks until they are able to fly. Viewers will discover that these strikingly beautiful Arctic owls - essentially eagles, falcons and owls rolled into one - have a magic of their own.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 7:00pm
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56 minutes 46 seconds
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