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Water covers 70% of Mother Earth, it nourishes her and cleanses her. Human beings are comprised of twothirds water. Without water we cannot survive. Even in the womb the fetus is nurtured in water. For some time now the elders have been telling us that the water on Mother Earth is going to become undrinkable. Now as we enter the 21st Century, that prophecy is being fulfilled.

Sacred Sites Part 2

Sacred ancient sites are scattered across western Canada and United States, and stand as a testament to the spiritual communion between the Indigenous people of North America and the Creator. Sacred Sites is a two-part documentary that honours the ancient mysteries surrounding Medicine Wheels, and reveals the sense of urgency that is building to protect these sacred sites.

Aboriginal Fashion

Paris! Milan! New York! Look out! This fast paced documentary examines many facts of Aboriginal clothing design and manufacturing. Aboriginal Fashion traces the history of Aboriginal clothing from traditional garments to the runways of the modern fashion world.

Pow Wow Circle

Pow Wow Circle traces the modern Pow Wow circuit and the people that follow The Pow Wow Road. The Pow Wow phenomenon has exploded in popularity in western Canada. There aren't enough weekends in the summer to accommodate the growing number of these traditional festivals, and mid-week Pow Wow's are now in vogue.

Mother Earth

First, we view a 5-minute documentary on how toxic our homes are. Then, we show instructional videos that will help you nurture Mother Earth and Mary Johnston gives us the facts about water consumption.

First Talk - episode: 102

Clinical Therapist Hilda Green joins us to talk about boosting up self esteem and Michelle Morningstar and Tamara Goddard share tips on starting and managing your own business. Then, we join singer Susan Aglokark who talks about her music as a pop star artist.

The Mix - episode: 34

On this episode of The Mix, Michael Francis is a gifted, young fiddler and storyteller from Fort MacPherson in the Northwest Territories. He shared his talents with an appreciative festival audience on the beautiful shores of Harrison Lake, BC. Next, HAPA is a Hawaiian guitar duo that employs an absolutely unique combination of tradition and innovation with outstanding results.


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