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The Last Chapter - episode: 251376

THE LAST CHAPTER examines the benefits of planning for end-of-life care through interviews with a diverse collection of subjects, including elderly hospice patients, parents of a child battling a rare metabolic bone disease, a young father of three suffering from liver and colon cancer, and even an unlikely hospice "survivor," a 45-year-old mother with congestive heart failure.

Consider The Conversation 2: Stories About Cure, Relief, and Comfort - episode: 275956

American medicine's success has created a new problem. That is, the vast majority of patients can now expect to die in a place and in a way that most wouldn't choose if only asked. Talking about dying, which is as natural as birth, is now taboo. And, the reality is patients and families are suffering needlessly. It is a problem we never intended to create and one that must be solved, but how?


The Bhutanese are Nashville's newest refugee community. For new arrivals, every day is a race against time; after eight months the federal funding ends and the health insurance disappears. Next Door Neighbors: Bhutanese shows the process of initial refugee resettlement and the isolation, shock and sacrifice all refugees experience in the first two years of resettlement.


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Cancer - The Emperor of All Maladies

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