Space Racers - episode: 115H

Animation 1: Space Racer Storm Chaser - Story: Watching the Earth from space, Eagle, Robyn and Hawk are enthralled by the beauty of their home planet as seen from a distance. But their wonderment is short-lived when they spot a huge storm front moving along a path directly toward Stardust Bay. Uh oh! Eagle and Hawk race back to school to alert everyone and pitch in with protective measures - but Robyn, ever curious, decides she wants a closer look at the dangerous hurricane. Promising to maintain a safe distance from the storm, she flies closer... and closer... and soon finds herself in deep trouble. The power of observation is the only thing that can save her now. Curriculum Focus: Collecting data and drawing conclusions through observation. Interstitial 1: "MD Science Center 6: Wind Machine & Tornado Tube". Animation 2: (N)ice Work if You Can Get It - Story: Eagle, Robyn and Hawk overhear Headmaster Crane talking with Coot about top secret "Project P.S.P.", and how the mission will require a great quantity of ice. Eager to score points with their instructors, the three Space Racers take the initiative to search the Solar System to find whatever ice the Headmaster was referring to. Their efforts take them to other planets, an asteroid belt and a frozen comet... where they face frustration at their inability to get the job done, and learn that they need to use the right tools and work together to achieve their goals. When they finally make it back to Stardust Bay for the big event, the cadets are stunned to learn that "P.S.P." stood for "Pigeon's Surprise Party"... and the ice that Crane sought was simply buckets of ice cubes for the rocket punch! Curriculum Focus: The right tools help us get the job done more efficiently. Interstitial 2: "Space Quiz 7: Sources of Ice in Solar System". Character Bio: Raven.
28 minutes
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