Series: Utah Vietnam War Stories

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Sunday, July 1, 2012 - 7:00pm

They came from every corner of Utah. From farms and ranches, college campuses and corner gas stations. From small crossroad towns, quiet suburbs and the heart of big cities.

Thousands of young men and women from every walk of life in Utah served during the Vietnam conflict. Almost 400 of them would never return.

For two generations the stories of those who served have seldom been heard. Some veterans fell silent in the face of an indifferent and even hostile reception when they came home. Other vets simply held their silence, choosing not to revisit the personal cost of war. The nation they served wrestled with its emotions, and too often found it convenient to forget the conflict, the controversy and the sacrifice.

Now, those voices will be heard.

Nearly 40 years after the end of U.S. military engagement in Vietnam, KUED captures the powerful, poignant, funny and tearful memories of dozens of Utah's veterans in Utah Vietnam War Stories, a new documentary series.

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