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About KUED

"Utah's Best Storyteller"

KUED is Utah's premier public broadcasting station airing quality programs 24 hours a day. We offer the full PBS schedule including PBS Kids, the number one educational media brand; an instructional television block that meets core curriculum standards; and award-winning, locally-produced television programs and documentaries. KUED is recognized as one of the leading public television stations in the country. KUED is the first station to ever win the Rocky Mountain Emmy Award of Excellence for the Best Overall TV Station, a major recognition of the station's commitment to serve the community through its productions and outreach programs.

  • Storyteller role: Our point of difference from other local media companies is that we tell stories.
  • Quality content: Our legacy, charter and new digital platforms give us the opportunity to do this better than any other media entity in Utah.
  • Scope of services: Utah provides a wealth of story potential both current and past, as well as future.

KUED signed on the air January 9, 1958 and is a 501 c (3) not-for-profit institution licensed to the University of Utah. KUED has two other digital channels as well, KUED World and KUED PBS Kids.

Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Our Mission

KUED entertains, informs, and enriches our viewers with exceptional content and is a valued community resource.

Our Vision

Be a community resource that is trusted, valued, and essential.

Our Values

Independence: We are accountable to our viewers and not to commercial interests.

Fairness: We safeguard free expression and give voice to a diversity of perspectives to strengthen the social, democratic, and cultural health of Utah.

Integrity: We are honest, respectful, and ethical in our programs and in our interaction with viewers, online users, co-workers, and supporters.

Education: We promote lifelong learning, an engaged and informed citizenry, and a safe place for children to grow and learn.

Innovation: Within the constraints of the non-profit environment, we pursue innovation to keep KUED fresh and alive.

Our Standards

Please take a moment to read the Public Media Code of Integrity.

Annual Station Report About Local Content and Services

The annual report for financial year 2016 can be viewed here. Or download the PDF.

Previous Reports

Station report 2015.
Station report 2014.
Station report 2013. (please note: Flash is required)

Yearly Financial Reports

To view the KUED yearly financial reports please click here:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requires that we make annual financial reports available to the public. To obtain those copies, please contact:
Rebecca W. Davis, CFO, KUED 7 and KUER 90.1
101 S. Wasatch Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112
or via email at rdavis@media.utah.edu.

Current KUED Diversity Policy and Reports

Past Reports