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Celebrating 50 Years of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 50th Anniversary logo. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood image  © The Fred Rogers Company.

50 years ago, on February 19, 1968, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered on public television, and forever changed the landscape of children's educational media. Beginning Monday, February 26, KUED Kids will air a special week of back-to-back episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood that inspired them.


Monday, Feb. 26

8:00AM KUED, 4:00PM 24/7 Kids -  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “Daniel’s Goldfish Dies/Daniel’s Strawberry Seeds”

8:30AM KUED, 4:30PM 24/7 Kids – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: “Death of a Goldfish”

Tuesday, Feb. 27

8:00AM KUED, 4:00PM 24/7 Kids -  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “The Tiger Family Grows/Daniel Learns About Being a Big Brother”

8:30AM KUED, 4:30PM 24/7 Kids – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: “Pediatrician’s Visit/Families/Adoption”

Wednesday, Feb. 28

8:00AM KUED, 4:00PM 24/7 Kids – Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: “Visiting Grandpere/The Tiger Family Goes Back Home”

8:30AM KUED, 4:30PM 24/7 Kids – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: “Opera: A Granddad for Daniel”

Thursday, March 1

8:00AM KUED, 4:00PM 24/7 Kids – Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: "Friends Help Each Other/Daniel Helps O Tell A Story"

8:30AM KUED, 4:30PM 24/7 Kids – Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: "Friendship Is Important - for Caring & Fun"

Friday, March 2

8:00AM KUED, 4:00PM 24/7 Kids – Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: "Daniel Gets Mad/Katerina Gets Mad"

8:30AM KUED, 4:30PM 24/7 Kids – Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: "Visiting A Restaurant/Anger & Apologies"

Mister Rogers: It's You I Like

In addition, on Tuesday, March 6 KUED will present "Mister Rogers: It's You I Like," a star-studded retrospective tribute to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, hosted by Michael Keaton (who worked behind-the-scenes on the show!). The film will feature a mix of memorable clips and interviews with Judd Apatow, Whoopi Goldberg, Yo-Yo Ma, Sarah Silverman, Joanne Rogers and more.

Over the course of nearly 900 episodes produced between 1968 and 2001, Mister Rogers brought his warm, deeply human messages to millions of viewers around the country. While Fred Rogers is no longer with us, the themes, lessons and discussions of the series are no less relevant today than they were in 1968. Dear neighbors, we hope you'll join us in celebration of everything Mister Rogers' Neighborhood stands for, and be the best neighbor you can be!