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KUED’s "Book Club in a Box" pairs a novel with a PBS documentary that is sure to generate a lively discussion. Everything you need as a host is included: one book and one DVD (for the host), discussion questions written by a respected Utah scholar, recipes to enhance the experience, and more. KUED offers resources as to where your group might check out or purchase a copy of the book, and where the DVD can be checked out or streamed.

We have four new boxes lined up for book club hosts.

King's English Bookshop is offering a 10% discount to all of our book club participants. If your book group members are interested in purchasing books as part of this program, all they have to do is mention the magic words: KUED Book Club! when they visit King's English.

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Available Boxes

On the Spectrum | The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Available to ship Oct. 1

The Curious Incident of th Dog in the Night-time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The stories we get from On the Spectrum and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time deal with young people with autism. While this can be a devastating disability for some, a key success factor for those with this diagnosis is often the people who care for them and teach them. In both the documentary and the book, these individuals have people who care for their basic needs. However, in On the Spectrum, the children have parents who understand their disabilities and advocate tirelessly for their well-being. In the novel, Christopher’s mother has deserted the family and while his father does the best he can, Christopher’s best hope is his teacher Siobhan who helps him understand emotions, both his own and others. While there is still no “cure” for autism, there are methods for helping those living with the disability to live full and creative lives. The difference between the people we meet in the documentary and the people in the book highlight some of these key factors. Is excellent care giving socio-economically related or is it a deep commitment to and love of the person with autism?

Unspoken: America's Native American Boarding Schools | Cheyenne Again by Eve Bunting - Illustrated by Irving Toddy

Available to ship Oct. 1

Cheyenne Again and Unspoken both tell the stories of the off-reservation Federal Indian boarding school designed by General Richard H. Pratt based on his mantra to “Kill the Indian, Save the Man.” In an effort to assimilate the children in these boarding schools, strict and often brutal punishment was used to prohibit the children from speaking their language and practicing their spirituality and culture. Some children never made it home. Both the book and the documentary consider the questions: What was the prevailing attitude towards Native Americans? How did Federal Indian policies promote those attitudes? And, How did these assimilation practices impact today’s Native American population?

Martha Hughes Cannon | The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

Available to ship Oct. 1

In Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings, and KUED’s documentary, Martha Hughes Cannon, we meet remarkable women who pushed against established spheres and lived in worlds of contrast. Discover how these women navigated complex social, political, and religious structures and how they evoked change in spite of disappointment, loss, betrayal, and ostracism. Consider how these women's stories, their themes, and the abolitionist and women's rights movements impact us today. How do they influence our desire and ability to advocate for others and ourselves? And how do we navigate complex social, political, and religious structures with personal integrity?

This box is a collaborative project between KUED and Better Days 2020.

Utah's Freedom Riders | Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody

Available to ship Oct. 1

During the era of racial segregation, in the United States (1896-1964), Blacks were subjected to a federal law that mandated the separation of Blacks from Whites, in public facilities, housing, education, public transportation, etc. Still, Blacks and other civil rights activists, fought to dismantle racism, in places of public accommodations.

It is in this socio-historical context that we learn about Anne Moody, in her award-winning autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi. As a poor Black female, growing up in rural Mississippi, during the era of racial segregation, Moody dedicated her life to fighting against segregation, as a college student activist. Similarly, in KUED’s documentary, Utah’s Freedom Riders, we encounter several Utahns, such as Reverend France A. Davis and the late Archie Archuletta, among others, who contributed to the struggle toward building a more just and equitable nation, during the Civil Rights Movement. In both the memoir and film, discover how ordinary citizens’ social actions helped transform U.S. politics and society, for the betterment of all.

Hope Lives: Preventing Teen Suicide | Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich

Available to ship Nov. 1


What Book Groups are Saying

“I realized that being uncomfortable about the things I accept as normal is a good step to being more aware and sensitive to reform.”

“I learned to look at things as they are and not as we expect them to be.”

“I learned that education is the key to a better life. We have made progress on equal opportunity and treatment under the law, but there is more work to be done.”

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  • By registering for a box, you are entering an agreement with KUED that you will host a book club discussion that involves the accompanying film and that you will provide meaningful feedback about your discussion.
  • Please research the book and documentary before you reserve a box (descriptions are at the bottom of this page).
  • Do not register until this box is agreed upon by your book club members and is on your book club's schedule.
  • These boxes are for Utah residents. If you are not a Utah resident, you can request PDF copies of the discussion questions via email.
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