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Splash and Bubbles Reeftown Rangers Event at the Aquarium

Aug 2
Splash and Bubbles Reeftown Rangers Event at the Aquarium
Kids Event

KUED Kids is hosting a Splash and Bubbles Reeftown Rangers event at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium on Thursday, August 2nd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Your admission to the Aquarium includes: A sneak preview of the new hour-long Splash and Bubbles: Pole-to-Pole special, fun penguin crafts, a KUED Kids photo booth, a scavenger hunt around the aquarium, which will encourage learning about protecting our ocean and water resources, and other fun educational activities!

Find ticketing information for The Living Planet Aquarium online at https://thelivingplanet.com/

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The one hour Splash and Bubbles: Pole-to-Pole special screening follows the Reeftown Rangers as they discover that, unlike them, Melody the fin whale migrates twice a year to follow the krill. Inspired by Melody, Splash and the others attempt to experience migration for themselves, beginning in the Antarctic, where they meet Mac, a mackerel icefish. As they continue their migration adventure in the Antarctic, our friends meet Pebbles, a gentoo penguin, and learn that she will receive a gift of a pebble from a male penguin who wants her to be his partner for life. When they finally arrive at the Arctic, they don’t find Melody, but instead meet Whistler, a narwhal who is a very unique creature with many interesting attributes, including a tusk on his head. The kids finally find Melody just in time to see her at the krill bloom, where they learn all about the food chain going from the tiny krill all the way up to the huge whale. Their journey ends by hearing the beautiful music of the humpback whale before returning home to Reeftown.

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