Underwriting Partners

Cohne Kinghorn

The attorneys at Cohne Kinghorn address complicated and sometimes volatile issues with poise, tact and inteligence. Cohne Kinghorn's in-depth informed analysis of legal issues is not unlike the news analysis of the PBS program the firm underwrites, Washington Week.

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(801) 363-4300

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway is the premier children’s museum in Utah providing engaging interactive activities that inspire learning and generate fun for the whole family. Discovery Gateway opens up a world of possibilities to kids and the adults alike.

Discovery Gateway - inspiring children of all ages to imagine, discover, and connect with their wold to make a difference.

Emma Eccles Jones Foundation

The Emma Eccles Jones Foundation has maintained a strong commitment to KUED's children's television programs and educational outreach efforts since 1998. Emma Eccles Jones (1898-1991) was a noted philanthropist, educator and pioneer in early childhood education. She established the first kindergarten program in Logan, Utah in cooperation with another Utah education pioneer, Edith Bowen.