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James Jaramillo, Soccer Drill Choreographer

James Jaramillo, founder of JJ’s Soccer Drills, grew up in Orem, Utah where he was an All-American soccer player for Mountain View High School.  James graduated high school early to accept a scholarship offer to play soccer for UCLA. With just four games left in his college career, a career that had set him up as a sure shot to play professionally, James suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Shortly after the injury, doctors told James that he could never play soccer again. He was devastated. Following his soccer career, Jaramillo attended law school but quickly withdrew due to debilitating migraines, a side effect of his traumatic brain injuries.

I promise you, it is crazy with these kids! If you can get them engaged and interested in what you are doing, they will come up with things you cannot even imagine. It’s insane to me!
James Jaramillo

Jaramillo then pursued a career to become a college soccer coach at the University of San Francisco. While at USF Jaramillo started to train the collegiate players individually with much success. Jaramillo credits his time in San Francisco as his artistic inspiration to create something new. The entrepreneur drive took hold and James created a soccer business geared towards training and mentoring aspiring professional youth athletes. James moved his business to Utah and he now focuses his time training and mentoring local Utah talent.

The business, as well as his new wife Jena, helped James to overcome an eight year addiction which left him homeless.  Jena game him the name “Soccer Drill Choreographer” after her first time watching James work with the kids.  She recognized his natural skill with which he creatively trained and motivated these athletes and encouraged him build his business. They began using this term on his Instagam account and it quickly attracted thousands of followers.

James is quickly becoming a very popular trainer and mentor. He describes that past year by saying this: “I lost my life because of soccer and, now, my life has been given back because of soccer.” He loves working with youth athletes and is quick to point out the many individuals and organizations that have supported him over the years.


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