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Chad Seale - Hair Stylist

Hair is fashion. And like high fashion, hairstyles on the runway eventually trickles down to everyday styles and cuts.

Chad Seale works all levels of hair as fashion. When he’s not in a salon, he’s competing in runway shows with avant-garde styles, collaborating on photo shoots, or teaching classes on techniques and trends, traveling all over the country.

“Most of the stuff I’ve done tends to be in the hair realm of runway shows,” says Chad. "I’ve done multiple collections that have been entered into awards, and grown my reputation.”

The shows and photo shoots allow Chad to test the limits of his creativity.

“The stuff I do for the trade shows, for the runways, is more about expressing my creativity, doing what I want to do,” says Chad. “When you’re doing hair for a show, you want to be as expressive as possible because you’re trying to get as many hairdresser’s eyes on you.”

As over the top as his runway stylings have been, he still applies the processes to his regular salon customers.

“When you’re in the chair, people are coming to you based on your expertise on what’s going to look good day to day. They don’t necessarily want crazy things. But hair changes with the seasons, and clients want fall looks, spring looks. So I like to change the color or look just a little bit to reflect the seasons. I might take a little technique from the photo shoots, that might look crazy, and tone it down, which is fresh and new for the client."

Originally from Evanston, Chad graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming, but he decided that that wasn’t a career he wanted to pursue. He originally hoped to move to New York or Los Angeles, but felt he could accomplish anything he wanted and still live in Salt Lake City.

“I’ve been very fortunate with all the opportunities I’ve had, traveling, and doing hair.”

To find out more about Chad, see his Instagram and Facebook.

Photo shoot credits include:


Photographer Phillip Istomin

Makeup Paula J Dahlberg

Wardrobe Moth Styling and Design

Model Gabriella Cale


Produced and edited by:

Erik Nielsen