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KUED hosts a Debate for Salt Lake City Mayor featuring Mayor Ralph Becker and Challenger Jackie Biskupski and moderated by KUED’s own Ken Verdoia. KUED has a long history of providing quality election coverage for Utah, and this hour-long, commercial-free, prime-time debate follows that tradition. The show will be broadcast at 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 8th.

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Watch Mayor Ralph Becker and Rep. Jackie Biskupski react to questions - and each other - in this online-only version of the debate.

Candidate Profiles

Ralph Becker

  • Two-term Mayor from 2008 to present
  • Member of the Utah House of Representatives from 1996 to 2007
  • Founder of the consulting firm Bear West, which works on public planning and environmental assessment issues
  • Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. and Master's Degree in Geography and Planning from the University of Utah

Jackie Biskupski

  • Member of the Utah House of Representatives from 1998 to 2011
  • Policy Advisor and Project Manager for Salt Lake County Sherrif Jim Winder since 2008
  • Founded the private investigation firm JMB Investigations in 1990, then became a Claims Adjuster for State Farm Insurance
  • Has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Utah


Ralph Becker

  • Mr. Becker has taken the lead on several large construction projects, such as the Eccles Theater and the Sugar House Streetcar line, which he has said has led to Salt Lake City being the best job creating city in the country according to a recent Gallup ranking.  Mr. Becker has also created the EnterpriseSLC group, which brings together business and community stakeholders to determine a path to grow Salt Lake City into a "great American city"


Jackie Biskupski

  • Ms. Biskupski is a strong proponent of Economic Development, based on her history of being a small business owner and with State Farm Insurance.  She believes in creating and sustaining innovation clusters, where different science and financial companies can aid each other, which will bring in growth to the city.  She also wants to lower impact fees to and simplify the process for business licensing.

Economic Development and Urban Planning

Ralph Becker

  • Mr. Becker wants to take action on the 5,000 doors initiative, which addresses the shortage of low income and affordable housing.  He has also created a committee to look into determining the best location for the Road Home's Shelter, which could recommend moving it from its current location near Pioneer Park.


Jackie Biskupski

  • Ms. Biskupski wants a plan for developing low income and housing in Salt Lake City in her first 100 days in office.  She also wants to emphasize early intervention measures that can stop people from becoming homeless, like a safety net for when a medical emergency arises or a parent loses a job.  She is opposed to moving the Road Home's shelter.

Homelessness and Poverty

Ralph Becker

  • Mr. Becker put together the Mountain Accord, a system-wide, multi-stakeholder proposal that puts boundaries on ski areas, protects watershed, and takes into account transportation and interconnection in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City.  He was also instrumental in creating the Clean Air Challenge, which seeks to reduce pollution in the Salt Lake Valley and Utah overall.


Jackie Biskupski

  • Ms. Biskupski has served on environmental projects, including the Little Cottonwood Canyon Transportation Study.  She released an environmental plan that emphasizes water conservation, watershed protection, and cleaner air through collaboration and business and economic solutions.


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