Marriner Eccles: Father of the Modern Federal Reserve

Marriner Eccles was a man of his times, and what times they were. Many of the great historical moments in America happened during his era. It was a time of The Great Depression and World War II. The cast of characters include President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Harry Truman, along with powerful senators and congress people.

Marriner Eccles was the first modern chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was a little-known banker and businessman from Utah before receiving an invitation to speak before Congress. Many of his ideas were groundbreaking in terms of economic thought. Some consider him one of the architects of President Roosevelt’s New Deal, which led America out of depression. His ideas, sometimes shared, became the catalyst for security pensions and medical care for the elderly as well as programs like the Conservation Corps which gave America hope during times of bread lines and mass migration.

It’s also a rags to riches personal story of a family of immigrants from Scotland. They came from severe poverty and through entrepreneurship established a family dynasty. The Marriner S. Eccles story is a voyage of discovery concerning some of the most influential thought of the twentieth century and beyond.

56 minutes
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