Nature Cat - Episode 112 |

Episode 112

Ze Worm Whisperer
Daisy needs help getting her new garden ready for planting! She needs worms, lots of them, to live in the soil to keep it healthy! But since Nature Cat is scared of worms (and we are talking really scared!) another superhero comes on the scene to lend a paw in finding worms, Hal’s alter-ego Ze Worm Whisperer!

Curriculum: When you need to improve your soil so healthy plants will grow, add earthworms and decaying plant material.

Love You, Michael Bluejáy
When Nature Cat and his pals hear that their favorite singer Michael Bluejáy will be performing a concert later in the day, they are so there! But the concert is all the way at the end of Sundown hiking path, and they’ve never been there. Nature Cat leads his pals on an adventure to get to the concert, but forgets about rule number one: don’t stray from the hiking path!

Curriculum: When you are going for a hike to explore a new place, plan ahead; you may get thirsty, hungry, tired and maybe even lost!

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