Nature Cat - Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: Nature |

Lets Talk Turkey Vulture/Prescription: Nature

Let's Talk Turkey Vulture - It's a crisp autumn day and Nature Cat and his pals are raking leaves in their backyard when a large creepy shadow suddenly covers them. Nature Cat looks up to see big bald birds swooping over their heads. What are those things? And what do they want? Ahhhh! The scary birds come down to introduce themselves as Tammy and Tobias. The gang learns that they're turkey vultures, and despite their intimidating appearance, they come in peace, man! Prescription: Nature - Hal has been inside his doghouse all week trying to build a Squeak-a-saurus Rex, a model Tyrannosaurs Rex built completely out of squeak toys. It's gonna be fabuladocious! But every time he's about to be finished, the model breaks apart, making Hal very frustrated and tired. He'll never get his Squeak-a-saurus Rex finished!! Dr. Daisy has the remedy. A dose of nature should do the trick! It's time for Hal to take a break and go outside!
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