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Bear Lake, Caribbean of the Rockies

Bear Lake is a brilliant blue beauty on the Idaho-Utah border. Known as the Caribbean of the Rockies, it draws visitors from across the West to camp, fish, and feast on Bear Lake’s famous raspberries.

Outdoor Idaho: “Bear Lake, Caribbean of the Rockies” examines the challenges faced by those who manage this resource for recreation, irrigation, and generating electrical power. Bear Lake is a naturally formed lake, but the top 21 feet are a man-made reservoir, making it one of America’s unique hybrids. Water diverted in early spring is held at Bear Lake until late summer when 150,000 acres of farmland in southeastern Idaho need irrigation water. Electrical power is generated by moving water in and out of Bear Lake.

“We have many stakeholders we work with to make sure it stays pristine and blue and clean,” says Connely Baldwin, Rocky Mountain Power hydrologist. “We work hard to keep it that way.”

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