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This page was originally published Feb. 5, 2014


KUED gathered simple resources to help you understand the complex issue of Utah's air quality.

The factors that contribute to Utah's air quality are extremely complex. These pages will offer a bare-bones overview of major contributors to the air pollution in the northern valleys. Despite years of work to decode the processes at play the chemistry happening in the airsheds of northern Utah is not fully understood.

Examine the sources, large and small, that affect the quality of the air we breathe. From lawn mowers to smokestacks and automobiles, see what is responsible for emitting pollution into the air.

Understand the geography that exacerbates the existing pollution in Utah. The landscape that contributes to Utah's unique beauty has more of an impact on air quality than we previously understood.

Learn the chemistry behind what happens to pollution after it is in the air. New research examines how particulate matter is formed in the air after being emitted.

Take note of the health impacts that poor air quality can have on you and your family. Millions of us along the Wasatch Front are exposed to bad air.

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To put Utah's pollution problem in perspective here is a map of 'Nonattaintment' counties in the United States

Nonattainment means that these are the counties which are not able to attain the acceptable level of PM2.5. This is according to the standard set out by the EPA in 2006.