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Senator Hatch Retires

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January 2018

After four decades of service, Senator Orrin Hatch announces his retirement.  What is his legacy, and what happens with his seat for 2018?  Utah gears up for the start of the 2018 legislative session, and what is next for the federal delegation in DC?

The Salt Lake Tribune’s Ben Wood, The Kem C. Gardner Institute's Natalie Gochnour, and Utah State University’s Damon Cann join host Morgan Lyon Cotti in this week’s edition of The Hinckley Report.

Reporter, Salt Lake Tribune

Benjamin Wood

Reporter, The Salt Lake Tribune
Director, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

Natalie Gochnour

Director, Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute
Professor, Utah State University

Damon Cann

Professor of Political Science at the Utah State University
26 minutes
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